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Top-notch resources to get your idea to the market. All together in one place.

Where great ideas become reality

Anyone can have a great idea. We provide you with everything you need to make that idea a reality. Get business and research resources. Build a successful venture.

InCapt is an online hub that assists researchers in transforming their projects into marketable, viable, and socially impactful solutions.

From researchers who need that bridge into the market, entrepreneurs seeking for investment, to those who simply have an idea, we are here for you.

No matter what stage you are, we will help you with your next steps. 
Take our quiz and access resources tailored to your journey.


Our services include business courses tailored to researchers' needs, a powerful opportunity-searching tool, and a platform packed with essential business tools.

We also provide valuable consulting, mentorship, and exclusive features to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills. When your business is primed and ready, you can submit your pitch deck and connect with investors who are eager to support your venture.

Capturing Innovation is an online training designed to help researchers develop a better understanding of business concepts and principles.

The course is for anyone who has an original idea and wish to gain insights into the world of business. Some of the topics covered include:

Our step-by-step Innovation Toolkit assists you with all the fundamental stages of business development. You will have access to templates, articles, lectures, and other materials adapted to your pace, language, and solution  all fitting in your pocket.

Need a helping hand? Our consulting and mentorship sessions will support you from preparing for that investor meeting to closing your first deal!

In the Opp Finder, you are always updated with the latest fellowships, grants, research, opportunities, conferences, and more! Collaborate with your peers, meet you co-founders, and share your passion with us.

We get your solution in front of the right people. At the end of your business journey, we'll showcase your work to real-life investors. Our Investor Match allows you to get feedback from industry experts and secure your first round to make your idea a reality.
InCapt also serves as a bridge to incubators and accelerators, further fueling your path to success.

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