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Anyone can have a great idea 

InCapt Ventures is an online hub that assists researchers in transforming their projects into marketable, viable, and socially impactful solutions. Imagine you are a researcher with an idea for how to address a specific problem, and data to support your idea. You may be interested in turning this idea into a product that you take to the market, but are unsure of how to best approach it. The process of turning research ideas into a concrete product in the market is known as technology transfer.


As a first step in developing our business, we contacted academic researchers in Brazil to learn about their research habits, experience, and preferences. Out of our initial respondents, we found that 65% had a clearly commercializable idea from their research, but all respondents reported that they lacked the resources to make commercialization a reality. In many cases, these researchers even had a clearly defined prototype and a market to sell to. However, every researcher surveyed agreed that they lacked the business resources to commercialize their idea. We founded InCapt Ventures to bridge this gap, and connect researchers with the entrepreneurial resources that they need to turn their ideas into a viable business solution. 



Our Work 

When we first contact a researcher, our first priority is to evaluate their progress and experience level. To do so, we ask all interested researchers to take our survey. Based on their answers, respondents receive one of three levels. A starter is someone who has recently begun researching, or may be interested in doing so, but has not yet published any works. An intermediate researcher is someone who has published initial research. They may have a general idea of the problem they want to solve, but not yet have developed a clear business plan. Finally, an advanced researcher is someone who has both published articles and developed a clear business idea. At each stage, we have a library of entrepreneurial resources designed to connect these researchers with the resources they need to maximize their business potential. 


Depending on a researchers’ level, these range from an online class on business principles, to access to professional workshops, to consulting services, to contact with investors. These levels are fluid and can change over time. If a researcher comes to us at the starter level, our goal is to give them the resources they need to continue to grow and eventually develop a clear business-ready idea. 



What makes us unique?

We differ from traditional startup incubators and accelerators because we tailor our service specifically to people with a research interest and background, and accept clients of all experience levels. While there is a robust network of startup incubators for those with a specific and clearly defined business idea, it is more difficult to find organizations that help clients at all levels. We also aim to have a social and economic impact. Our goal is to foster economic development by providing vital business resources to populations that previously lacked them. Much of our initial work is aimed at universities in Brazil, where our initial market research has shown a clear lack of business resources for the academic community. 

Beta Testing


InCapt Ventures is currently beta testing our service, and is committed to finding dedicated participants from around the globe. We have secured initial funding from The Clinton Global Initiative University, and developed our company at the European Innovation Academy at the University of Porto. 


If you are interested in getting involved, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today! 

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